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STO Anomaly - God? Black Sun ? Internal Core ?.....
Wth, is this for a strange anomaly in, Star Trek Online?
[Image: screenshot_2017-08-12-02-37-41.jpg]
Born / Dying sun?
[Image: screenshot_2017-08-12-02-37-56.jpg]
Sto Universe Core ?

[Image: screenshot_2017-08-12-02-38-08.jpg]
A Black Sun ?
[Image: screenshot_2017-08-12-02-46-42.jpg]
A Wedding ?

Which I have no idea what it is to represent, for me it looks like a thought picture
Or simply a losing polygon, you decide!
what do you think about this ? 

LOCATED is This in the 
Draydon Sector Alpha Quadrant!
Star trek is for the astrologist by this they can see the future of all what happened in your life. Star trek is used in paper writing service all this is for future and also is very important for our future.
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